This doesn't just apply to entrepreneurs.  Too many web developers don't think about thier personal branding.

Thinking about user registration forms

Darren rethinks user registration forms and provides a new model for password fields. Yes, it's just that exciting.


I pushed a new site design to today. Here's some thoughts on it.

I'd be remiss not to link to one of my favourite Edmonton-based bands, Audio/Rocketry.  Saw them a couple of years ago opening for Jason Webley and fell in love immediately.

Been hearing this song on the radio more and more, and it's just as catchy every time. It's "Headphones" by the Mounties, a Canadian band put together by Hawksley Workman, Hot Hot Heat's Steve Bays, and Age of Electric's Ryan Dahle.  I like Hawksley already, but this is a small poppier departure for him, style-wise. I like it.